Welcome to The Office Network

Here we will try to de-mystify the complexities that go with trying to understand, install, manage or otherwise confuse people looking to setup a computer network in their office. There is many available styles and types of networks available and some can be quite confusing without understanding the purpose of them. Some are :

Now we will try over numerous┬áposts to simplify what each stands for. Click on a specific one to check it out and we will hopefully help you decide firstly on which one you would likely need or use in your specific scenario. For example you wouldn’t want a Campus Area Network (CAN) if you are only setting up a small office network to share files between 3 computers. That would not be cost effective, needed or even practical to have. Instead you would normally opt for a standard Local Area Network (LAN) as it easily configured, cost effective and can be scaled comfortably between a handful of computers using a hub or switch.


There is many reasons why a network is needed in an office and we try to explain that in the basics of networking. In this day and age with cloud backups, syncing data and the need to have your data secure and accessible from multiple devices it has become more and more important that a network is not only easily accessible but that it is secure too.